2024 Fall Meeting

Cancellation Policy of Annual/Fall Meetings

Cancellation Policy of Annual/fall Meetings

Atomic Energy Society of Japan
  1. Estimation of Holding Meeting
    We, Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) may cancel the annual/fall meetings under these conditions which may put participants health at risk;
    - Serious weather conditions such as typhoons, heavy snow storm, etc.
    - Natural disasters such as earthquakes
    - Biohazard situations such as pandemics
    In addition, we judge whether we hold meetings per day. Therefore, even if the first day of meeting is cancelled, we may hold meeting on or after the second day, or vice versa.
  2. Announcement
    Soon after we decide to cancel the meetings, we will make an announcement of cancellation on AESJ’s website and meetings website.
  3. Payment
    - Speakers: you must pay the registration fee after you finish application of oral presentation even though meetings is cancelled.
    - Participants (pre-registered): you must pay the registration fee after you finish registering attendance on the website even though meetings is cancelled.
    - Participants (on the day of meeting): you must pay the fee after you apply attendance at a reception desk.
    Therefore, we don’t refund even if meetings are wholly or partially cancelled.
    We issue a password to see proceedings once you pay the fee.
    Please note that we will ask you to pay the fee if you are a speaker and don’t pay the fee by due date.
  4. Treatment of Presentations and Proceedings
    Once a presentation has been published on the proceedings of the meeting we will consider it as officially published, even if the meeting is cancelled. Therefore, contents of proceedings are treated as published contents. Patent application is also treated same as usual.
  5. Banquet Charge and Study Tour Charge
    Same terms apply as described in Section 2, further changes will be announced separately.
  6. Travel and Logging Expense
    In addition to the above mentioned, travel and lodging expenses directly related to annual/fall meetings, as well as any expenses related to the cancellation of the event, will not be borne.