GISA 2024

Call for Research Presentations ([Application] by noon, July 15; [Submission of papers] from August 1 to 31, noon)

Styles of Presentations:

Both oral and poster presentations are available. Presentations may be given in either Japanese or English.

It is possible to give both an oral and a poster presentation. However, due to the venue's limitations, only oral presentations may be accepted.

Submitted paper files will be published on the conference Web site.

a) Oral Presentation

As a principle, only presentations of theoretical and applied research results related to geographic information systems that have not been previously published are accepted. 
Presentations that are not original or complete are not accepted. 

Submission of a paper is required. (Each presenter will have 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion, for a total of 20 minutes.)

b) Poster Presentations

Discussions of research in its early stages and reports of surveys and activities are also welcome. Please take advantage of this opportunity for free and active information exchange. 

Submission of papers is optional.

Posters will be displayed at any time during the conference, and the core time will be set.

Both oral and poster presentations are not allowed to be commercial advertisements. Please apply for the organized sessions.

After the presentation, you can apply for (1) "Advanced GIS Engineer" and (2) "Surveying CPD Learning Program." If you wish to apply for (2), please inform the secretariat of your name and the title of your presentation within the fiscal year after the conference. CPD points will be awarded to presenters of lectures and posters.

Eligibility for Application

Presenters must be regular or student members, or individuals designated as corporate members (one person per unit). However, co-authors are not required to be members of the society.

  1. Each presenter is allowed to present only one paper. However, duplicate presentations are permitted in the following cases.
    • To be a co-author for more than one presentation.
    • Presenting in both the regular and the organized session.
  2. Presentations must be made on the date and time specified in the program. The date and time of the presentation cannot be specified. 
  3. The total number of presentations may be limited due to program organization. 
  4. Members must have paid the annual membership fee in full by the year 2024.


Application Procedures

1. Application for presentation (Submission of abstract)

Submission deadline: noon, July 15 (Mon

Applications will be accepted via online registration through this website.
Before submitting an application, you are required to obtain an account for registration. You are responsible for not forgetting the login ID and password you set when you obtained your account. We cannot respond to any inquiries regarding your login ID and password for security reasons. If you have forgotten your password, please click the "Forgot your password? on the login screen to reissue a password.

Please enter a title of 200 characters or less and an abstract of 1000 characters or less.

After completing your application, a notification email, including an acceptance number, will be sent to your registered email address. This notification is usually sent within a few minutes, but your abstract submission may not have been completed if you do not receive it. Please check your registration details and re-register if your application is not complete.

Your name and presentation title will be listed in the program. Please note that no modifications will be accepted after the registration period.
Applicants will be notified by e-mail on July 31 (tentatively) if their presentation has been accepted or rejected.

2. Submission of Manuscripts for Proceedings

Submission period: August 1 (Thu) to August 31 (Sat), noon

Upload your paper manuscript (PDF) to this site.

The format is the same as that of "GIS-Theory and Applications", but the number of pages should be no more than 4.

Please use this template file to prepare your paper. 

  • Manuscripts submitted outside the submission period will not be accepted. Your oral presentation will also be canceled.
  • The language of the presentation should be either English or Japanese.
  • If the presenter may be difficult to contact, please include a reliable contact address in the application form. We may contact the presenter if there are incomplete manuscripts.
  • The editing and publication rights of the manuscripts belong to the Geographic Information Systems Association.


Please check the application system's login screen for the recommended browser. Even if you access the system using the recommended browser, depending on your computer environment, you may not be able to submit your manuscript. If you cannot submit your abstract, please try to submit it from another computer with a different computer environment.

Please register as early as possible, as the line is expected to be very busy just before the deadline. The secretariat assumes no responsibility for incomplete abstract submissions due to congestion.
The secretariat is not responsible for any mistakes the submitting author makes. Please ensure all the information is correct before clicking the "Register" button.


Please click the button below to apply for a presentation and/or submit a paper.




The 20th GISA Best Presentation Award

The "Best Presentation Award" have been established to improve the level of presentations by student members. The following conditions must be met to be eligible for the award.

  • The applicant must be a student member of GISA (including those whose admission form has been received at the secretariat by July 15, 2024). (Including those who have paid the annual membership fee in full by July 15, 2024)
  • The applicant must not have a master's degree.
  • The applicant must be a presenter of a lecture.

The moderator and judges will recommend presenters whose research, papers, and presentations are outstanding, and the winners will be selected through discussions by the Conference Award Committee. The number of winners is not specified.

The awardees will receive a certificate of merit later, and their names and affiliations will be published in the GISA Newsletter No. 132. The abstract of the presentation will be published in GIS-Theory and Applications, Vol. 32, No. 2 (black and white print only). The winners are requested to submit a one-page A4 paper manuscript by Friday, November 15, 2024.

The 13th GISA Poster Session Award

The "Poster Session Award" has been established to stimulate discussions at poster sessions. All poster session participants are eligible for the award.

The winners will receive a certificate, and their names and affiliations will be published in the GISA Newsletter No. 132. An abstract of the presentation will be published in GIS-Theory and Applications, Vol. 32, No. 2 (black-and-white print only). The winners are requested to submit one A4-size paper manuscript by Friday, November 15, 2024.


Operation manual of registration site (Japanese version Only)

The manual is here.



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