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[22p-12H-2]Productivity enhancement of lignin-degrading enzymes irradiated with oxygen radicals

〇Yui Ishikawa1, Ryuichi Ohashi1, Hiroyuki Kato1, Motoyuki Shimizu1, Masashi Kato1, Masaru Hori2, Masafumi Ito1 (1.Meijo Univ., 2.Nagoya Univ.)



In the pursuit of realizing a sustainable society, the production of high-value industrial products is being undertaken using plant biomass as an untapped resource. However, the presence of lignin in plant cell walls serves as a barrier to industrial product manufacturing from plant biomass, and various decomposition methods have been developed. While biological methods are anticipated as environmentally low-impact decomposition approaches, the challenge lies in the slow rate of lignin degradation. This study utilized a non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure radical source to subject fungi producing lignin-degrading enzymes to nitrogen oxide radical treatment.
As a result, nitric oxide radical-irradiated fungi showed enhanced lignin-degrading enzyme activity compared to unirradiated fungi. In light of the foregoing, it is anticipated that plasma treatment targeted at fungi holds promise as a biological degradation method for lignin.