Recorded Symposium

Registered participants can watch the recordings of symposium during April 3 (Wed.) to 16 (Tue.).
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*Due to the agreement with the speakers, some presentations are not included in the recordings.

List of Recorded Symposium

NT2. Where do the voices of young, ice-age generation, and female researchers reach? -Proposal and requests based on a large-scale survey by EPMEWSE-

1. Development of Scientists and Engineers for 21st Century - Development of human resources and succession of technique in the organization –

T2. Detector developments for radiation education and citizen science

T3. Applied Physics Enhances Sense of Presence in the Metaverse III

T4. Recent advances in Laser-induced modification processes

T5. Polarization-reversed optical materials and devices – developments and applications-

T6. Quantum Electronics Research Group 50th Anniversary Symposium

T7. Innovative detection of light and spin based on hybrid materials and systems

T8. Frontier of Devices and Systems for 3D Optical Sensing

T9. Piezoelectric Device Applications of Oxide Materials

T10. Sensing technology combining AI with biomimetics -Learning from nature, creating the future –

T11. Beyond Graphene

T12.“Plan just before the start of operation” We will teach you how to use NanoTerasu !

T14. The forefront of analytical technology using magnetic fields

T15. Spintronics Technology: Frontiers of Tunnel Magnetoresistance Research and Memory Applications

T16. Is Fusion Energy the Key to Achieving Carbon Neutrality?

T17. Cutting edge nanotechnology for bio-sensor -Realization of a pandemic-free society with graphene FET sensors capable of rapid detection of human infectious viruses-

T18. What is Needed for Social Implementation of Organic Photovoltaic Cells: Common Fundamental Technologies with Perovskite Solar Cells

T19. Physical chemistry and recent advances in self-assembly

T20. Frontiers of Bioresearch for Robotech assisted Future Medicine

T21. A la carte Packaging Technologies: Challenges and Future Prospects of Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technologies

T22. Functionality and physical properties of multi-compounds for the future

T23. Symposium Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Establishment of Solid-State Physics and Applications Division

T24. Progress in the semiconductor industry contributing to expand IoT market and what’s core technologies ?

T25. Progress in deep ultraviolet light devices

T26. Frontiers of Energy Harvesting – Young Researchers Challenging Green Transformation –

T27. Informatics for Materials Science and Brain Science