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[22p-12H-5]Improved Plant Growth Using Plasma-Activated Water to Improve Efficiency in Agriculture

〇Himeno Ito1,2, Rino Suzuki2, Ken Mizoi1,2, Sujun Guan2, Katsuya Teshima2,3, Akira Fujishima2, Chiaki Terashima1,2,3 (1.Tokyo Univ. of Sci., 2.Res. Institute for Sci. and Tech., Tokyo Univ. of Sci., 3.Shinshu Univ.)


underwater plasma,plasma-activated water,effective bactericide

Climate change due to global warming and the aging of farmers have created a need for more efficient agriculture. Therefore, we focused on plasma-activated water (PAW), a liquid fertilizer with a sterilizing effect produced by underwater plasma treatment. This study aimed to investigate the effects of PAW on vegetables and to elucidate the factors that contribute to the continuation of the sterilizing effect. The increased content of Fe and Mg ions in vegetables cultivated with PAW suggests that PAW may have growth-promoting effects.