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[22p-13M-6]UV and Thermal blocking hybrid thin film using ITO nanoparticles and carbon dots

〇(D)Adrija Das1,2, Barun Kumar Barman1, Tadaaki Nagao1,2 (1.NIMS, 2.Hokkaido University)


Near infrared absorption,Oxide materials,Indium tin oxide nanoparticles

Global warming is a serious threat to the environment. Cooling in building infrastructure poses high energy consumption putting stress on current resources. In this presentation we propose a hybrid material of ITO nanoparticles and Carbon dots to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly thin film window coating solution. This coating helps in simultaneously blocking Near infra red (NIR) and Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun providing that helps to cool down building and house interiors. We show how tuning surface morphology introduces pores in the thin film structure leading to further light-matter interactions causing absorption in the NIR region. We reached a very tunable thin film that absorbs 81% UV and 63% NIR while maintaining transparency in the visible region.