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[22p-13M-8]Nano-pixel Polarization Rotator for Photonic Integrated Breath Sensor

〇(D)Sara Bruhier1, Haisong Jiang1, Kiichi Hamamoto1 (1.Kyushu Univ., I-EggS)


polarization rotator,breath sensing,integrated photonics

Addressing the global aging population, photonic-integrated-circuit infrared sensors use absorption spectroscopy to detect disease markers in breath compounds. Our sensor principle employs a cavity-ring-down spectroscopy with a loop configuration for extended optical path and ppm-order concentration measurement hindered however by self-lasing phenomenon. To overcome integration challenges of existing polarization rotators and enhance device sensitivity, we propose a nano-pixel waveguide structure with two converter sections for a two-step optical mode rotation, improving breath sensor integration performance. Simulated results, using FDTD (finite-difference time-domain) analysis and the MSE (mean squared Error) method for criteria setting, yield a polarization extinction ratio of 4.6 dB with an excess loss of 5.1 dB.