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[23a-12B-7]Control of light-driven micro-droplet robot

〇Masayuki Naya1,2, Shinya Hakuta1, Mamoru Sato1, Jintaro Shiina1, Hideyuki Mitomo3, Kuniharu Ijiro3, Toshiharu Saiki1 (1.Keio Univ., 2.Naya-Lab, 3.Hokkaido Univ.)


active matter,laser,Marangoni convection

We found that the deformation and motion of a droplet can be controlled by superimposing another laser beam on the microdroplets generated by laser irradiation. We consider that these behaviors are caused by the positional inhomogeneity of the surface tension in the droplet due to the local heat generation by the superimposition of laser beams. We are going to discuss the physical principle and its potential applications.