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[23a-12B-8]Self-propulsion Mechanism of Laser-Controlled Active Matter Droplets

〇(D)Shinya Hakuta1, Mamoru Sato1, Masayuki Naya1, Jintaro Shiina1, Toshiharu Saiki1 (1.Keio Univ.)


micro robotics,Marangoni effect,multiphysics simulation

We have previously reported on active matter droplets that spontaneously generate at any location without contact upon laser irradiation of a polymer/ethanol mixed solution, and exhibit periodic motion under steady light. In this study, we discovered a phenomenon where the droplets continue to self-propel in a straight line even after the cessation of energy supply. We have elucidated through multi-physics simulation that the precursor liquid film essentially contributes to the motion of the droplet. We believe this clarifies the mechanism of the droplet's spontaneous movement and forms the basis for controlling the motion of droplets.