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[23a-12F-6]Elucidating Electrical Conduction Mechanism of Composite Electrode for All-Solid-State Battery Using Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy

〇Hirotada Gamo1, Hikaru Sano1, Tetsu Kiyobayashi1, Zyun Siroma1, Yasushi Maeda1 (1.National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)


all-solid-state batteries,scannning spreading resistance microscopy

This study investigated microscopic and macroscopic conduction properties of composite electrodes consisting of cathode materials and solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries using scanning spreading resistance microscopy and direct current polarization test. Additionally, we calculated fractions of isolated cathode materials and conduction properties in the 3D structures generated by machine learning. Our demonstration investigates the effect of volume fractions of cathode materials in composite electrodes on these conduction properties and reveals the relationship between the conduction property and electrode structure.