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[23p-12B-11]Crystallization of conductive polymers using optical vortex-induced forward transfer

〇(B)Rina Ito1, Rihito Tamura1, Rong Wei1, Satoru Tsukada1, Katsuyoshi Hoshino1, Katsuhiko Miyamoto1,2, Takashige Omatsu1,2 (1.Chiba univ., 2.MCRC, Chiba univ.)


optical vortex,conductive polymer

Optical vortex is a generic term for light waves with orbital angular momentum, and OV-LIFT, which is applied to laser-induced forward transfer, has attracted attention as a high-precision printing technology with stable linear flight of droplets.We have discovered the phenomenon of crystallization by printing with OV-LIFT, using as donor a conductive polymer that exhibits a golden luster due to lamellar microcrystals. The disadvantages of metallic coatings, such as low dispersion stability, mass, and cost, can be overcome. This result shows the effectiveness of OV-LIFT on conductive polymers and is expected to be put into practical use.