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[23p-12B-14]Contributions of Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum of Light in Optical Torque

〇Shun Hashiyada1, Yoshito Tanaka1 (1.RIES, Hkkaido Univ.)


optical torque,angular momentum of light,orbital angular momentum

When light with angular momentum (AM) is irradiated onto a material, the AM of light is transferred to the material through light absorption and scattering, which induces a force (torque) that rotates the material. Although the effective optical torque can be quantitatively evaluated using the conservation law of AM, the contribution of spin angular momentum (SAM) and orbital angular momentum (OAM) of light could not be separated. Recently, an evaluation method for the transfer torque of the SAM of light has been developed. In this study, we derived a conservation law for the OAM and developed a method to evaluate the OAM transfer torque.