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[23p-12B-2]Direct imprint of optical hopfion skyrmions in azopolymer via photoinduced mass transport

〇(DC)Rihito Tamura1, Praveen Kumar2, A. Srinivasa Rao1,3,4, Kazuki Tsuda1, Natalia M. Litchinitser5, Katsuhiko Miyamoto1,3, Takashige Omatsu1,3 (1.Chiba Univ., 2.IITs Bhilai, 3.MCRC, Chiba Univ., 4.IAAR Chiba Univ., 5.Duke Univ.)



We pursue the capacity to create and annihilate of skyrmion structures by directly imprinting optical skyrmions, which are topologically stable structured light, onto a variety of materials. As a demonstration, we report on the generation of optical hopfion skyrmions by using a single-pass polarization shaping configuration, and the direct imprint of the polarization textures of optical hopfion skyrmions to azopolymer thin films, which exhibit photo-induced mass transport reflecting the polarization and light intensity distribution.