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[23p-12F-7]Induced Chiro-Optical Effect in Photoinduced Force Microscopy

〇Junsuke Yamanishi1, Ahn Hyo-Yong1, Hiromi Okamoto1 (1.IMS)


chirality,chiro-optical effect,photoinduced force microscopy

Photoinduced force microscopy irradiates light on the tip and the sample, detecting the interaction force between the dipoles that arise in them, thus observing the optical response of the sample with spatial resolution exceeding several nanometers. Previous studies have shown that when observing chiral gold nanostructures, it is possible to obtain a photoinduced force image that depends on the direction of circular polarization. In this study, by observing and comparing achiral and chiral gold nanoparticles, we investigated the characteristics of chiral structure analysis by photoinduced force microscopy.