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[24a-71B-6]A Persistence of Magnetic Transition near The Néel Temperature in Structural and Optical Properties of Wide Bandgap Layered MnPS3

〇(D)Anna Milatul Ummah1, Ching-Hwa Ho1 (1.NTUST, Taiwan)


2D semiconductor,Magneto-optical interaction,Band-edge transition

This paper describes the Néel ordering transition in MnPS3 through temperature-dependent structural and optical characterization. From XRD and micro-Raman (μRaman), we observed the ordered spin in 3d orbital of Mn2+ cation affect the intrinsic lattice and vibrational characteristics of MnPS3 in antiferromagnetic (AFM) state at low temperature. Micro-thermoreflectance (μTR) measurements at 300-20 K were used to identify MnPS3 band-edge excitons. MnPS3 exhibits two excitons (E1OX and AMX) below the Néel temperature (TN = 78 K), confirming the presence of a magnetic transition from paramagnetic (PM) to AFM ordering. The direct-gap exciton of MnPS3 (E1OX) is 2.632 eV at 300 K and shifts to 2.846 eV at 20 K. The spin-order change from PM to AFM state causes the anomalous amplitude transition in the E1OX feature. With T≤TN, a secondary exciton (AMX) emerged and became stronger at 20 K, with energy of 0.16 eV lower than that of E1OX. This study investigates optical features associated with magnetic transitions of wide bandgap MnPS3, which may be useful for future magneto-optical device applications.