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[24a-P01-6]Evaluation of Polarized Emission of Fluorescent Molecules Immobilized to a Plasmonic Chip

〇Yuma Yoshida1, Yasunori Nawa1, Keiko Tawa1 (1.Kwansei Gaku Univ.)


Surface Plasmon Resonance,Enhanced Fluorescence,Polarized Emission Property

Circularly polarized emission from fluorescent proteins with chiral structures is difficult to discriminate left- or right-handed circularly polarized emission with ease and high sensitivity in a single molecule. A plasmonic chip with a wavelength-size periodic structure deposited with a thin metal film has been used for detecting the enhanced fluorescence in our laboratory. In this study, the polarized transmission properties of the light illuminated to the rear panel of a plasmonic chip substrate were measured. Furthermore, the polarized emission properties of fluorescent molecules, Cy5 and FluoSphere (darkred), immobilized to the chip and the pitch-size dependence of the polarization properties were also measured.