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[25p-71B-5]Efficient Spin-Charge Conversion in a Ferromagnetic Metal Fe / Topological Dirac Semimetal α-Sn Heterostructures

〇Masayuki Ishida1, Soichiro Fukuoka1, Masaaki Tanaka1,3, Anh Le Duc1,2,3 (1.Univ. of Tokyo, 2.PRESTO, 3.CSRN, Univ. of Tokyo)


alpha-Tin,Topological Dirac Semimetal,spin pumping

Spin-to-charge conversion (SCC) experiments at room temperature were carried out using the spin pumping technique in a ferromagnetic metal Fe (4 nm) / topological Dirac semimetal α-Sn (30 nm) / InSb(001) system grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The Fe thin film shows ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) when applying an X-band RF magnetic field and an external in-plane magnetic field. We observed enhancement of Gilbert’s damping constant in the Fe / α-Sn systems, indicating successful spin injection into the α-Sn layer. A voltage peak was detected between the two edges of the α-Sn at the FMR condition, which is likely induced by a successful spin-charge conversion. An inverse Edelstein length, a measure for SCC efficiency in 2D systems, is estimated to be 1.0-1.3 nm, which is of the same order compared to the largest value reported at room temperature. The results show that TDS α-Sn is a promising material for future spintronics applications.