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[22a-1BN-2]Utilization of High-order Plasmonic Modes for Nanoscale Photothermal Conversion

〇Kenji Setoura1, Mamoru Tamura2,3, Tomoya Oshikiri4,5, Takuya Iida6,3 (1.Kobe City Col. Tech., 2.Osaka Univ., 3.OMU (RILACS), 4.Tohoku Univ., 5.Hokkaido Univ., 6.OMU (Sci.))


thermoplasmonics,high-order plasmonic mode,thermophoresis

To manipulate nanomaterials through thermophoresis and fluid convection, it is essential to freely shape the nanoscale temperature distribution. In this work, we report our numerical findings that demonstrate a dramatic switching of the temperature distribution on the surface of manganese nanorods when subjected to plasmonic heating. Specifically, we conducted plasmonic heating simulations on manganese nanorods. Our calculations revealed that the temperature distribution on the nanorod surface can be switched dramatically depending on the mode of the excited plasmon. This discovery sheds light on the potential for versatile manipulation of nanomaterials through controlled plasmonic heating.