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[22p-12H-6]Performance evaluation of plasma treatment on seeds to shorten the growing period

〇(B)Souta Yamagami1, Hiroshi Okawa1 (1.HSU)


plasma,Brassica napus,seed

We applied plasma treatment to the seeds to shorten the growth period and evaluated the effectiveness of the treatment by measuring the antioxidant capacity of the leaves. A parallel-plate dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) was used for the plasma treatment. A power supply of 10 kV-8 kHz (LHV-10AC-S) was used, and the distance between the plates was 2 mm. Some seeds of Brassica napus L. were placed between the plates and discharged in the air at different treatment times. As a result, it was confirmed that the effect of plasma treatment on the seeds was sustained for about 2 months. In addition, anthocyanin pigments were quantified by absorbance measurement to evaluate the improvement of antioxidant capacity. Although there was no significant difference in the amount of them, it was confirmed that the factor absorbing light at 400 nm increased in the plasma-treated seeds