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[23a-12F-1][The 8th Thin Film and Surface Physics Division Young Researcher Award Speech] Development of a time-resolved scanning tunneling microscopy driven by subcycle mid-infrared pulses

〇Yusuke Arashida1 (1.Univ. Tsukuba)


Scanning tunneling microscopy,Ultrafast phenomena,Transition metal dichalcogenides

Ultrafast time-resolved scanning tunneling microscope (STM) can be achieved by using optical pulses with the pulse duration shorter than one period of the light. In this study, we succeeded in developing an STM with a temporal resolution of 29 femtoseconds by using a mid-infrared pulse of less than one cycle. As a result, bandgap shrinkage was observed from the ultra-fast change in the tunnel current of the layered semiconductor MoTe2 immediately after photoexcitation. By using this technology, it is expected to be an important tool for investigating ultrafast phenomena on the surface.