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[23a-12F-7]Interfacial structures and phenomena of highly viscous polymeric liquid on solid surfaces investigated by frequency-modulation atomic force microscopy

〇(M1)Yuto Nishiwaki1, Takashi Ichii1, Toru Utsunomiya1, Hiroyuki Sugimura1 (1.Kyoto Univ.)


FM-AFM,interfacial structure,viscoelasticity

The interfacial structures and mechanical response of the highly viscous polymetric liquid (9750 mPa s) on solid surfaces were investigated by qPlus AFM. The quasi-static layering density distribution of liquid molecules on the interface was visualized, and this structure's formation and disappearance processes were analyzed along with their temperature and time dependence. Furthermore, it was also found that the viscous and elastic modulus on the interface increased with the disappearance of the layering structure over the relaxation process. These analyses suggested the relaxation mechanism governed by the attraction between solid surface and liquid molecules and the intermolecular entanglements.