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[23a-P05-2]Numerical simulation of supercontinuum generation using cascaded bidirectional tapered fluoride fiber

〇(B)Musashi Nitta1, Fua Yoshida1, Fatemeh Abrishamian1, Kazuya Takimoto1, Shinki Nakamura2, Hiroyasu Sone1 (1.Kitami Inst. Tech., 2.Ibaraki Univ.)


Tapered fiber,Fluoride fiber,Supercontinuum generation

The phenomenon of ultra-broadband optical spectrum that occurs when a high-power ultrashort pulse propagates through a nonlinear medium is known as supercontinuum (SC). It is difficult to extend the SC spectrum using silica fiber into the mid-infrared region. Therefore, research on SC generation in fluoride fibers that have high transparency in the mid-infrared region has been reported. Here, we report the results of numerical simulation of SC generation in ultrashort pulses with an incident center wavelength of 1.55 µm using a tapered fluoride fiber.