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[24a-22A-7]Fine tuning InAs quantum dot growth parameters for high areal coverage and density

〇(P)Hanif Mohammadi1, Ronel Roca1, Itaru Kamiya1 (1.Toyota tech. inst.)


InAs surface quantum dots,High areal coverage,Strain reducing layer

This study focuses on optimizing the growth conditions for surface quantum dots (SQDs), particularly indium-arsenide (InAs), to enhance their areal coverage and density for improved sensing applications. By introducing buried quantum dots (BQD) with a strain-reducing layer (SRL), the researchers strategically design a structure that minimizes empty spaces and achieves high SQD density. The investigation explores the impact of growth temperature (Tg) and InAs coverage (θ) on the areal coverage and density of InAs SQDs using molecular beam epitaxy. Results demonstrate that lower growth temperatures and controlled InAs coverage lead to increased SQD density and areal coverage, reaching a 13.3-fold enhancement compared to the reference sample. The incorporation of BQD, SRL, and a low growth temperature emerges as a significant advancement for preparing highly efficient QD-based detectors.