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[24a-P01-13]Concave Lens Properties of a Liquid Crystal Lens Driven by Two-Divided Center Electrodes and Outer Electrode with a Circularly-Patterned Highly-Resistive Film

〇Masaru Uchida1, Satoshi Yanase1, Kotaro Yoneda2, Susumu Sato3 (1.Akita Ind. Tech. Center, 2.WJ Group Co.,Ltd, 3.LC-lens Inst.)


Liquid Crystal Lens,Ring Electrode,Highly Resistive Film

A liquid crystal lens is a voltage-controlled optical device that can continuously vary its lens state from positive (convex) to negative (concave) without mechanical movement. It has been experimentally verified that the characteristics of convex lenses are improved by applying a circularly-patterned highly-resistive film, and characteristics evaluation of concave lens is also underway. In this paper, improvement of concave lens characteristics was investigated by controlling the driving voltage and driving frequency of the central outer electrode.