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[24p-13P-3]Control of infrared optics using localized surface plasmon of Ag particles in β-FeSi2

〇Yoshiki Okuhara1, Ryusei Kamide1, Tomohiro Kuroyama1 (1.JFCC)



Localized surface plasmon of metallic nanoparticles in semiconducting silicide thin films has been utilized to attain a high refractive index (n) and low extinction coefficient (k) within the infrared spectrum. The infrared refractive index of β-FeSi2, n=4.8 at 10 μm in wavelength, was increased to n=8.5 by Ag nanoparticles dispersed in the β-FeSi2 matrix. Homogeneous dispersion of the spherical Ag particles around 50 nm in dimeter was significant to achieve the high n and to maintain low extinction coefficient k at infrared region. It was found that strict compositional control of the stoichiometric β-FeSi2 phase is significant for the homogeneous dispersion of Ag nanoparticles.