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[25p-71B-1][The 8th Thin Film and Surface Physics Division Paper Award Speech] Chiral-spin-texture-induced skyrmions in a sandwich structure composed of ultrathin films of intrinsic ferromagnetic topological insulators

〇Takuya Takashiro1, Ryota Akiyama1, Ivan Kibirev2, Andrey Matetskiy2, Ryosuke Nakanishi1, Shunsuke Sato1, Takuro Fukasawa3, Taisuke Sasaki4, Haruko Toyama1, Kota Hiwatari1, Andrey Zotov2, Alexander Saranin2, Toru Hirahara3, Shuji Hasegawa1 (1.Univ. of Tokyo, 2.IACP, 3.Tokyo Tech, 4.NIMS)


Topological insulator,Ferromagnetism,Skyrmion

Among topological insulators (TIs) having ferromagnetism, an intrinsic ferromagnetic TI, Mn(Bi,Sb)2Te4 (MBST), has attracted much attention because it possesses the homogeneous ferromagnetic order hybridizing with the topological surface state. In this study, we designed a sandwich structure where two MBST blocks were separated by the nonmagnetic TI, (Bi,Sb)2Te3, and thereby observed magnetic skyrmions (Sk) for the first time in MBST systems. Interestingly, it was found that Sk properties reflected the MBST crystalline structure, which allowed Sk to be controlled by weak magnetic fields. Therefore, our results contribute to the application of an easilly rewritable Sk memory.