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[23a-52A-5]Optical properties on hybrid-type white LED using porous and fluorescent SiC

〇(M1)Taisei Mizuno1, Shota Akiyoshi1, Naoki Takahashi1, Takuma Ban1, Tetsuya Takeuchi1, Motoaki Iwaya1, Satoshi Kamiyama1, Atsushi Suzuki2, Eri Akazawa2, Yiyu Ou3, Haiyan Ou3, Jiachen Wang3 (1.Meijo Univ., 2.E&E Corp., 3.Technical Univ. Denmark)



By doping SiC with high concentrations of B and N, a yellowish-orange emission with a wavelength of 580 nm can be obtained. This is called fluorescent SiC. A porous layer is formed on the surface of SiC to obtain a luminescence with a wavelength of 460 nm. The combination of these two materials is expected to realize a white LED with a broad spectrum and high color rendering property. We fabricated a hybrid white LED consisting of fluorescent SiC and a GaN LED as an excitation light source and evaluated its characteristics.