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[23a-52A-7]ODMR characteristics of silicon vacancies in isotopically purified 4H-SiC

〇Kosuke Yamashiro1,2, Shin-ichiro Sato2, Koichi Murata3, Masafumi Hanawa3, Shengjie Zhang1,2, Yuichi Yamazaki2, Hidekazu Tsuchida3, Yasuto Hijikata1, Takeshi Ohshima2 (1.Saitama Univ., 2.QST, 3.CRIEPI)


quantum sensor,silicon vacancy,ODMR

Negatively charged silicon vacancies (VSi-) in silicon carbide have potential applications in "quantum sensors" that can detect magnetic fields and temperature with high sensitivity. Since the performance of quantum sensors is determined by the number of quantum sensors and their coherence time, it is necessary to maximize the number of quantum sensors while maintaining the coherence time. In this study, we prepared 12C-enriched 4H-SiC epitaxial films and investigated the photodetected magnetic resonance properties of VSi- formed by high-energy electron irradiation.