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[23a-52A-8]Reduction of 1SSF expansion rate of basal plane dislocation in 4H-SiC under UV illumination after hydrogen ion implantation

〇Johji Nishio1, Chiharu Ota1, Ryosuke Iijima1 (1.Toshiba R&D Center)


single Shockley type stacking fault,UV illumination,forward degradation

It has been reported that hydrogen ion implantation into 4H-SiC epilayers can suppress the expansion of basal plane dislocations (BPDs) into single Shockley stacking faults (1SSFs), and this technology has attracted attention as a technology for solving reliability problems. In this study, hydrogen ions were implanted into a single BPD, and the expansion of 1SSF due to UV illumination was observed on the scale of the depth at which hydrogen ions reached, and the effect on suppression of 1SSF expansion was investigated.