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[24a-22A-1]Selective lateral MOVPE growth of InP on SOI (001) substrates for III-V/Si integration

〇Hiroya Homma1, Hiroki Sugiyama1, Tatsurou Hiraki1, Toru Segawa1, Shinji Matsuo1 (1.NTT)


III-V semiconductor growth on Si,selective growth,MOVPE/MOCVD

In general, it is difficult to achieve high-quality crystal integration by direct growth of III-V semiconductor crystals on Si. In our previous report, we showed that we have succeeded in fabricating large-area InP thin films with low dislocation density by selective lateral growth of epilayers on SOI (001) substrates and suppression of twinning is important for further improvement of quality and yield. In this work, we clarify the mechanism of generation of anti-phase boundaries and the way to suppress them in this method.