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[24p-22A-1]Circularly polarized photoluminescence properties of dilute nitride InGaAsN quantum dots grown at low temperature

〇Ayano Morita1, Satoshi Hiura1, Junichi Takayama1, Akihiro Murayama1 (1.Hokkaido Univ.)


dilute nitride semiconductor,Quantum Dot,Photoluminescence

III-V compound semiconductor quantum dots have attracted attention as active layers in spin-emitting devices, but there are two problems: a decrease in luminescence intensity at room temperature and an improvement in circular polarization. The applicant has achieved high photoluminescence intensity at room temperature using dilute nitride InGaAsN quantum dots. In this case, aiming at high brightness and high circular polarization emission, we have grown dilute nitride InGaAsN quantum dots at low temperatures to induce spin filtering defects, and succeeded in greatly improving the circular polarization at room temperature.