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[24p-22A-3]Observation of the S-K Growth Mode of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Using the Magnification Inferred Curvature Method

〇JINKWAN KWOEN1, Yasuhiko Arakawa1 (1.U. Tokyo, NanoQuine)


molecular beam epitaxy,Magnification Inferred Curvature

The growth of InAs on a GaAs substrate follows the Stranski-Krastanov (SK) growth mode. The stress due to lattice constant mismatch is initially small, leading to two-dimensional growth, however as the grown layer thickens, the stress accumulates. When it reaches the critical film thickness, the growth transitions to three-dimensional, and relaxation occurs. Meanwhile, the strain changes during crystal growth can be observed through the curvature change of the substrate. However, in InAs/GaAs quantum dots, this change is minimal, making its observation difficult. In this study, we successfully observed the strain changes during the formation and relaxation processes of quantum dots by applying the Magnification Inferred Curvature (MIC) method, which allows for high-precision estimation of substrate curvature during Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) growth, and report our findings.