Call for Papers

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JSEE was established in 1952 and has been actively promoting the quality of engineering education with the joint efforts of universities, colleges of engineering, government laboratories and industrial companies. JSEE has established cooperative agreements with the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), and the Korean Society for Engineering Education (KSEE). JSEE is a member society of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE), the Association for Engineering Education in Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific (AEESEAP) and the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES). JSEE is the principal engineering society to support Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) which joined the Washington Accord as a full signatory member in 2005.

JSEE International Session

JSEE has been holding international sessions during its annual conference since 2006 to enhance the international communication and collaboration, which are essential for both accreditation of engineering education and the certification of professional engineers. In the cases of students' presentations, they should be coauthored and attended by their teachers or supervisors. We welcome the presentations from overseas for the contribution papers. The number of pages of the papers is 2 or 4, and the time of presentations will be 15 min, including the Q and A.

International Session Award

Since JSEE Annual Conference 2015, an outstanding presentation has been awarded the best presentation of the International Session. The full papers for the awarded presentations have been published in Journal of JSEE. The fee for the publication is supported by JSEE. To encourage participants to make presentations at overseas friendship group meetings, the registration fee is provided by JSEE. For further information, please see the announcement.


The theme for JSEE International Session 2024 is “International Cooperation in Engineering Education - Entrepreneurship Education for Innovation -”. Authors are invited to submit the paper proposals for their presentations. In 2024, we will accept applications for organized sessions on a trial basis. (There were no proposals for Organized Sessions.)

Presentation types

The international conference will be basically held in-person at the conference venue. The presentations will be given in two ways: one in the lecture room at the venue and the other “recorded” online presentations via the conference website. A poster presentation session will be held upon registration.

Deadlines (Refer to the conference website for details such as paper format.)

Submission of full paper: May 20, 2024, acceptance notice: late in June 2024

Preliminary Program (draft)

Poster Session: September 4, 16:45-17:45 (Held upon application)
Oral Session: September 5-6, 9:35- Morning, 14:00-17:00 Afternoon Sessions
Plenary Session: September 5, 13:00-13:50

Registration Fee

The registration fee is listed on the conference website. In addition to the registration fee, the presenters will be charged a Presentation Fee.

Contact Person: JSEE International Affairs

Associate Professor Yasutaka UEDA, Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University,

Associate Professor Akihiro YAMASHITA, National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College,