Welcome Message

Welcome to the 57th Annual Meeting of JSDB in Kyoto!



We are pleased to announce that the 57th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists (JSDB) will be held from June 19 to 22, 2024, in the heart of Kyoto City.

As stated on the JSDB homepage, developmental biology asks a fundamental question of life science: ‘How does a single fertilized egg give rise to an individual body?’. Over the past decades, the research fields have been subdivided due to the diversification of research subjects and techniques, and I feel that developmental biology, which should be at the center of those fields, is becoming hollow. The theme of the 57th Annual Meeting is ‘Breaking through boundaries’, and we here aim to provide an opportunity to once again confirm and discuss the essential question shared by researchers in various related fields. 


The boundaries we must break through are not only academic fields but also national borders, and English is the basic language used so that participants from overseas, including international students, can enjoy most scientific sessions. Some workshops, oral presentations and luncheon seminars may be held in Japanese if it is considered more effective, and the panel discussion on the third day of the conference will be held in Japanese (we are considering introducing simultaneous interpretation). 

We hope that researchers and members from all over the world who are contributing to the frontiers of developmental biology will gather in Kyoto and will create an opportunity to break through the boundaries and make a better future in developmental biology research.

Let's enjoy developmental biology in Kyoto!


Mineko Kengaku

Chair of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Developmental Biology




学会ホームページに記載されているように、発生生物学は、「一つの受精卵が個体を作るメカニズム」という生命の根幹を問う学問です。昨今は対象とする現象や解析技術が多様化し、分野の細分化が進み、中心にあるはずの発生生物学が空洞化する傾向にあると感じます。本大会はBreaking through boundariesを旗標として、様々な関連分野の研究者が共有する本質的な問いを今一度確認し、議論する機会にしたいと考えています。

Breaking through boundariesは学問領域のみならず、国境を越える意味もあり、留学生含めた海外からの参加者が全てのプログラムを楽しめるよう、英語を基本使用言語とします。ただしワークショップ、一部の口頭発表とランチョンセミナーは、効果がより高いと考える場合は日本語を選択でき、また大会3日目のパネルディスカッションは日本語で実施いたします(同時通訳を導入予定です)。