Instruction for Presentations / 大会発表についてのご注意

Oral presenation

1. Computer for oral presentation
Presentation should be given with your own PC connected to switcher next to the podium.

  • Make sure to bring any necessary electrical adaptors and connectors for your computer.
  • The meeting venue will provide Mini D-sub15 pins and HDMI cables for connecting to PC switchers. Macintosh and certain kinds of Windows computers require an appropriate connector to fit a Mini D-sub15 pin or HDMI plug.
  • The electricity runs on 100 volts and 60 hertz in Kyoto.
  • The screen ratio in Room A and Room C and Room D is 16:9.
    The screen ratio in Room B and Room E is 3:4.

2. Presentation registration
Please come to your session room at least 15 minutes prior to your talk, and connect your PC to a PC switcher at the PC registration Desk.
3. Presentation time
Oral Presentation (in Englishe)

12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.
1BELL10 minutes2 minutes to the end of presentation
2BELL12 minutesEnd of presentation- Start of discussion
3BELL15 minutesEnd of discussion


Poster Briefing presentation

Presentation data will be pre-installed on a computer provided at the conference. You may not use your own computer for your presentation. Please submit your presentation data by the deadline. Poster Briefing presenters are requested to come to the venue (Poster & Exhibition) before the start of the presentation.
You will be requested to give a 3-minute oral presentation based on the content of your poster at the dedicated booth set up within the poster venue.
・Presentation should be given in English
・No Q & A time (3-minutes oral presentation only)
・Video files are not accepted.


3 minutes for presentation.

1BELL3 minutesEnd of presentation

Poster presenation

Poster board size: 1200 mm (width) x 2100 mm (height)

  • Please leave a 200 mm x 200 mm blank space from the top left corner for the organizing committee to indicate your poster number.
  • Please stay (or stand) in the vicinity of your poster during your assigned discussion time. Be sure that every poster presenter is assigned to give explanations his/her poster on Day2 and on Day3.


Mounting:13:30-15:30 on Day1 (June 19 (Wed))
June 20 (Thu) Discussion 01:14:00-15:00 for odd number posters
15:00-16:00 for even number posters
June 21 (Fri) Discussion 02:14:30-15:30 for even number posters
15:30-16:305 for odd number posters
Removal:9:00-12:00 on Day4 (June 22 (Sat))