Time Schedule

Tentative Schedule (2023/10/02)

Miyako Messe Floor Guide

ROHM Theatre Kyoto/South Hall

Room A = ROHM Theatre Kyoto/South Hall
Room B = Miyako Messe(B1F)/Main Conference Room
Room C = Miyako Messe(B1F)/Special Exhibition Hall(A)

Room D = Miyako Messe(B1F)/Special Exhibition Hall(B)
Room E
= Miyako Messe(B1F)/Meeting Room
Poster & Exhibition = Miyako Messe(B1F)/B1 Exhibition Hall


Day 0(June 17-18)

International symposium on
Mechanical self-transformation of Living Systems

Venue : Kyoto Rekisaikan

Day 1 (June 19 (Wed))

Room B 

Workshop 01

Stem cells and cell plasticity across plants and animals: their roles in development, homeostasis, and regeneration

(in Japanese)

Room C 

Workshop 02

New Development of Neurodevelopment

(in Japanese)

Room D 

Workshop 03

Exploring the evolution of animal cell and tissue types through the lens of non-bilaterian development

(in English)

Room E 

Workshop 04

Developmental Toxicology and toxicogenomics

(in English)

Poster & Exhibition Poster MountingPoster Briefing

Day 2 (June 20 (Thu))
Room B教育講演

Oral Presentation 01

Morphogenesis and Organogenesis 1




Symposium 01

Chromatin and gene expression dynamics in development

Room C 

Oral Presentation 02

Morphogenesis and Organogenesis 2




Symposium 02

New researches with unique angles

Room D 

Oral Presentation 03

Neural Development


Career Path


Symposium 03

Physics in cell and developmental biology

Room E 

Oral Presentation 04

Metabolism & Disease Models




Poster & Exhibition   Poster Discussion 

Day 3 (June 21 (Fri))
Room A

Symposium 04

Stem cell biology and developmental biology

Panel Discussion  Plenary Lecture 
Room B  LuncheonFrontiers Prize 2024   
Room C      
Room D      
Poster & Exhibition   Poster Discussion Reception, Award ceremony

Day 4 (June 22 (Sat))

Room B

Oral Presentation 05

Morphogenesis and Organogenesis 3



Symposium 05

Developmental homeostasis

Room C

Oral Presentation 06

Early Embryogenesis


Symposium 06

Diverse roles of cell polarity in development

Room D

Oral Presentation 07

Stem cells and Regeneration & Transcriptional regulation


Symposium 07

Genetic and developmental bases for mammalian neocortical evolution

Room E

Oral Presentation 08

Reproduction and Germ Cell & Evolution



Poster & ExhibitionPoster removal