The 75th Divisional Meeting of DCSC

Participation Policy

Participants are requested to agree to and comply with the following participation policy.

Participation Policy of the Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

  • It is strictly prohibited to video- and audio-record other people’s lectures, to copy other people’s presentation materials (including by means of screen capture and recording with external instruments, such as camera and video), and to release related data on the internet through SNS.

  • Only people who are registered properly according to the prescribed procedure on the meeting website can participate in the meeting to give presentations, make discussions, audit lectures, view materials, and so on.

  • The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify people from participating in the meeting, if they violate the participation policy or are found by the organizing committee to behave inappropriately in regards to research ethics and socially accepted conventions. The organizing committee may also take necessary actions against such people in terms of the protection of works and intellectual property policies.