The 75th Divisional Meeting of DCSC

Information for Participants

Participants are requested to agree to and comply with our participation policy.

1. Information for in-person participants 

1-1 Measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19

This meeting will take measures against COVID-19 in accordance with the guidelines of the government, local government, and Shinshu University. We ask in-person participants of the meeting for cooperation in taking measures to prevent infection of COVID-19 as follows.

  • Refrain from attending the meeting if you have a fever or feel unwell.
  • Always wear a facemask and refrain from talking loudly in close distance.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands as necessary.
  • Be seated at appropriate distance in the presentation rooms and break rooms.

1-2 Charging PCs and smartphones, etc.

Due to the in sufficient supply of the electricity in the meeting venue, we ask for your cooperation in charging your PCs and smartphones as follows: 

  • The PCs used for oral presentations are allowed to charge during the presentation. Please follow the instructions of the chairperson or the room staff to connect your PC to from the outlets. 
  • Please refrain from charging your PC at the meeting rooms except for your own presentation. You may charge your PC in the break room.
  • Please refrain from charging your smartphone, cell phone, and PCs not used by presenters in the meeting room. However, if you need to charge your phone in case of emergency, you may charge it in the break rooms.
  • Please note that the number of charging facilities in the break room is limited. Be considerate of others waiting to use them.


1-3 On-stie registration 

Registered participants: Please print out and bring your name badge. A holder for your name badge will be provided to you at the registration desk.
Non-registered participants: Please access the "Registration" page on this website from your PC or smartphone and make a registration. If you pay by credit card on the day of the event, you will receive your name badge at the registration desk immediately after completing the online payment. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can do so at a nearby Japan Post Bank. You will be able to receive name badge certificate and holder upon confirmation of receipt after payment.


1-4 Oral presentation

Presentations will be held onsite and live-streamed. Some venues will be held in a hybrid format.

Symposiums and international sessions will be held in a hybrid format (online presentation is possible).

Other oral presentations will be held onsite. Online presentations are available for those who have some difficulty onsite. 

Presenters participating onsite are asked to connect their PC and a projector via HDMI and present using a microphone, as they do in a usual in-person presentation. The presentation screen and audio will be distributed to the online participants via Zoom.

Online presentations are only available at select venues. The online presenter shares the presentation screen via Zoom. The presentation screen will be projected on a screen at the venue, and the audio will be distributed to the venue via speakers. The video of the in-person presenters and participants will not be distributed online. The microphone cover (disposable type) for the on-site presentation will be replaced for each presenter.
Please attend the oral sessions in-person on the consent to above-mentioned policy of "1-1. Countermeasures against novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)" and "1-2. Charging of PCs, smartphones, etc."

1-5 Poster Session

Poster sessions will be held on-site. Please note that the sessions will be held in two separate venues (Room-P and Room-Q) in different buildings.

Poster presenters are requested to put up their posters at the designated position before the poster session starts (Tuesday, September 17 ~16:00). Posters can be put up in the morning (8:30~) on the day of the poster session. You are also welcome to put up your posters during the lunch break, but please keep the environment quiet as the second round of poster judging will be taking place.

Odd-numbered posters will be discussed during the first half (16:00-17:00), and even-numbered posters during the second half (17:00-18:00). Please be available for discussion with participants  in front of your poster during the corresponding time.

Please be careful not to be overly close-knit during discussions, and wear a mask during discussions to prevent the spread of infection.

Poster boards will be removed in the night of presentation day. We ask for your cooperation in removing your poster after the end of the poster session on the same day (September 17).

2. Information for online live-viewing

*Recording, audio recording, screen capture, etc. of all presentations are strictly prohibited.

The presentations at each venue (except for the some sessions) will be live-streamed. Registered attendees will be able to watch the live webcast. (There is no discount for online-only participation.) If you wish to present or attend the oral presentations, please log in to the "My Menu for Participants" in the upper right corner of this website during the meeting and access the live venue (Zoom) of your choice using the link for each presentation.

Live streaming does not guarantee coverage of all presentations and may not be possible due to equipment or network malfunctions. Please understand in advance.

Some venues will be held in a hybrid format, allowing participants to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Other venues will be streaming only and will not be available for questions, etc.

If you wish to present or attend live-viewing, please log in to the "My Menu for Participants" in the upper right corner of this website during the meeting and access the live venue (Zoom) of your choice using the link for each presentation. You can also log in to the online presentation site from the login window that appears when select a presentation title from the "Timetable" or "Session List" in the lower left menu on this website. After logging in, you can access the connection information to the live venue by clicking the title of the presentation you wish to attend. Please note that the login ID and password for the participant account is different from those for your Confit account. We will inform you of the login ID and password for your participant account when the meeting day gets closer.