The 75th Divisional Meeting of DCSC

Presentation Instruction

Eligibility for Presentation

The presenter should be a member of the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry (DCSC), a member of the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), or a member of the partner organizations. Foreign nationals, speakers of Plenary Lecture and Special Lecture, and invited speakers in Symposia can give talks even if they are non-members.
If you are in the process of becoming a member, when you register for the meeting, please choose "DCSC Member" for your membership classification and enter the alphabet, symbol, and number of the "Application Number" that will be displayed after your application for the membership is completed in the "Membership Number" field.
If you cancel your process of becoming the member for any reason after you have submitted an abstract for the meeting, your presentation will be cancelled and you will be charged a non-member registration fee for participation.


The official language of this meeting is Japanese and English. English only in the International Symposium.

Oral Presentation

Presentations will be held onsite and live-streamed. Some venues will be held in a hybrid format.

Symposiums and international sessions will be held in a hybrid format (online presentation is possible).

Other oral presentations will be held onsite. If you have difficulties in making onsite presentations, online presentations are available. Due to the limited number of venues, however, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.


Duration of Talks

Type of Presentation

Total Duration




General Talks

20 min

12 min

7 min

1 min

Award/Keynote Lectures

40 min

30 min

9 min

1 min

Plenary/Special Lectures

50 min

40 min

9 min

1 min

*In symposia, the organizers may set their own the presentation time.

Please use PowerPoint or other presentation software to make your presentation.

In-Person Oral
The speakers can connect their PC via HDMI cable from the projector of the presentation room and project his/her slide onto the screen while talking on a microphone. Please bring your own connection devices and converters to HDMI cable if you use a PC without HDMI terminal. For the convenience of online distribution, please use the pointer function of the presentation software on the PC screen to give explanations on the slides. The presentation slides and audio will be shared with online participants via Zoom meeting. 

Online (Virtual) Oral
The presenters are asked to make presentation using Zoom meeting, sharing the slides on Zoom. In-person participants will  listen to the online presentations via a projector and speakers at the venue.

Poster Presentation

Poster presentations will be held onsite only. (on Sep.17 (Tue) evening)
Print out a poster for your presentation (Maximum size 117 cm wide x 164 cm height) and attach it to the designated panel at the venue.
Of the total two-hour session time, the first one hour will be for presentations with odd numbers and the second one hour will be for those with even numbers.